'Sports art is a genre that doesn’t get much attention,' says Paulette Farrell. 'For reasons beyond me, the art world considers it a lowly genre. However, the public do not agree. Sports art is very popular with our current sports-mad culture and, if you enjoy sport and enjoy figure painting, then why not do as I did and join the two together?

'For this demonstration I am sharing a recent painting of England cricketer, Rory Burns, playing in a test match'.

Burning Bright

'I am a big cricket fan, I am also a figure painter who loves to represent movement. When painting movement sports, once again, tends to get overlooked. Ballet dancers seem to be the go-to subject for artists representing movement in figures. However, if you want to represent dynamic movement then sport is a truly challenging and wonderful genre to paint. It’s unpredictable, emotive and shows the human figure in many unique poses'.