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How to paint a Spritsail Barge on the Orwell

Alan Bickley uses pen and wash to depict an iconic Spiritsail barge on the Orwell.

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Painting with Brusho: How to paint a simple butterfly

In this extract from Painting with Brusho by Joanne Boon Thomas, explore Brusho and how you can paint a beautiful butterfly, using just two Brusho colours.

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Painting during a heatwave: Seven miniature painting projects

Tessa Gwynne shares a diary of seven miniature painting projects that she completed in seven days, during a heatwave.

How to paint blossom in oils and acrylics

Loosen up your brushstrokes as you paint pink cherry blossom against a bright blue sky with Valérie Pirlot.

How to paint a green iguana

Be creative with colour as you paint a green iguana using pen and wash with Liz Chaderton.

How to paint a rabbit using Chinese brush painting techniques

Seok Yam Chew uses Chinese brush painting techniques to paint a rabbit on rice paper

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