‘This scene has a great lead-in and has many of the things that we associate with the South of France,’ says Murray Ince.

‘Monet painted Antibes many times from different vantage points, but mostly from a greater distance.

‘I stayed in Antibes and fell in love with the Côte d’Azur and very quickly realised the great attraction; I mean just look at those colours!’

Murray’s source photograph of Antibes

About Murray Ince

Murray is the founder member of the Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils.

Visit his website https://murrayince.com.

Find out more about SPWMO by visiting https:www.spwmo.org.uk

Top tips before you begin

  • Phthalo blue on its own is too bright in most uses. When used with other colours, however, it is a useful colour for painting the Mediterranean.
  • Don’t try to paint too much detail on figures of this size.
  • Rules can be broken or experimented with.
  • Note that the yacht is sailing into the picture.
  • Painting the shadows with glazes is the easiest way to create believable shadows.

Demonstration: Les Joueurs de Boules, Antibes

Les Joueurs de Boules, Antibes, water-mixable oil on stretched canvas, (35.5x91.5cm)