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How to paint a spring landscape

Liz Seward uses liquid acrylic inks and coloured pencils to demonstrate a lively spring landscape.

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How to paint spring flowers in watercolour

Ann Blockley captures the vibrant clarity of spring flowers in watercolour.

Nature studies, painting blackbird's eggs in watercolour with Paul Hopkinson

Take out your smallest brushes and a handful of colours to paint a blackbird’s eggs in all their beauty, with Paul Hopkinson

How to Paint Snowdrops in Mixed Media with Soraya French

Paint a drift of snowdrops in a woodland setting.

How to Paint a Contemporary Bluebell with Helen Campbell

A step by step tutorial to painting a bluebell

How to Paint Snakeshead Fritillary in Watercolour with Catherine Harriyott

How to paint a popular spring flower, fritillaria meleagris, in watercolour using just six colours with botanical artist, Catherine Harriyott.

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