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How to sketch wildlife in watercolour with Julia Cassels

Why would you choose watercolour for sketching and painting wildlife? Wildlife artist, Julia Cassels extols the virtues of her favourite medium.

Wildlife art inspiration

Collette Clegg, winner of The Artist Award in the 2020 David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition talks to Susie Hodge about her approach to painting.

Capture wildlife in the wild

Becky Thorley-Fox shares the secrets of capturing wildlife from life, drawing and painting on the spot.

Ten top tips for painting wildlife in acrylics

Artist Daniel Taylor provides his top tips for painting wildlife in acrylics

Combine Traditional and Digital Techniques for Wildlife Painting with Shelly Perkins

Mixed-media wildlife artist, Shelly Perkins, shares her unique methods of combining traditional and digital techniques to make her vibrant artwork.

Drawing and Painting Wildlife by Mary Elliot Lacey

Mary Elliot Lacey encourages a careful study of creatures in their natural habitat with an emphasis on a variety of insects.

Keith Shackleton Masterclass - Wildlife in Oils. The Artist. March 1995.

Wildlife in Oils Keith Shackleton

Watch an Interview with Wildlife Artist David Shepherd

Watch an interview with wildlife artist David Shepherd.

See Highlights from the Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2017

Highlights from the Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2017

The Joys of a Field-Based Painter - Wildlife Art

Naturalist and watercolourist Darren Woodhead works direct from life. Here he describes the challenges and the joys of being a field-based painter.

How to Paint Wildlife

Wildlife artist John Threlfall discusses his impressionistic approach to landscape and habitat

Top tips for sketching birds

Emma Price shares her top tips for sketching birds en plein air.

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