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How to paint abstracts

Discover the joy of abstract painting with Petra Thölken.

How to Paint an Abstract Landscape in Watercolour

Abstracts are about ideas and choices, says Paul Riley. In this extract demonstrates an abstract painting inspired by the landscape.

Abstract values and figurative painting with Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks says you should follow your instinct in the pursuit of your own style as he reveals his approach and working methods to Susie Hodge.

Sennelier Abstract Acrylics with Wendy Jelbert

Acrylics have just become even more versatile with the recent launch of Sennelier’s Abstract in clever new pouches. Wendy Jelbert puts the rich colours and indestructible packaging through their paces.

Paint in Pouches - Sennelier Abstract Acrylics with David Wiseman

David Wiseman finds that the new Abstract Acrylics from Sennelier keep their intensity even when diluted and come in innovative transparent pouches

How to Paint Abstracts from Photographs with Tim Fisher

Tim Fisher shows how focusing on shape and colour can spark your imagination to paint something new.

How to paint a festive mixed media still life with collage with Sue Smith

Sue explains how she makes her own collage papers for her modern, mixed media still life paintings.

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Let it snow by Tim Fisher

Easy methods to counteract the fast-drying nature of acrylics and produce sparkling snow scenes.

Captain Sir Tom Moore - A Lockdown Portrait by Adebanji Alade

Adebanji Alade demonstrates how he makes art in isolation by painting a portrait of the now legendary Captain Sir Tom Moore

How to paint glass in watercolour with Diana Boanas

PaintersOnline member, Diana Boanas, shares her techniques for painting transparent glass in watercolour.

How to Paint a Treescape with Ian Ridley

Ian Ridley demonstrates a watercolour treescape based on an initial loose wash.

Animals in Motion – Paint a Tern in Flight with Marie Antoniou

Marie Antoniou reveals how she uses bold brushmarks and clean colours to achieve a sense of movement in her abstracted, impressionistic wildlife paintings.

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