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How to Improve Your Paintings with advice from John Patchett

What to do when a painting goes wrong! John Patchett shows you how to make changes to improve a finished painting: How to revive a scene. How to improve the balance of a painting. How to add depth to a painting. How to remove detail from a…

How to Paint Spring Flowers in Pastel

Develop your skills by creating an underpainting using acrylics, watercolour or gouache - then learn to paint flowers in pastel using the following techniques.

How to Make Reference Sketches for Paintings with David Napp

David Napp demonstrates how he makes a quick pastel sketch as reference material for an oil painting.

How to Draw Figures in the Style of Degas in Pastel

Ghislaine Howard is inspired by Degas' working methods and gives a step-by-step guide for you to draw a dancer in the same style.

Learn to draw faces with pastels

Learn the first basic steps on how to draw a face.

How to Paint Scenes from the Welsh Hills of Snowdonia with Oils and Pastels

Keith Bowen uses oils and pastels to paint scenes from Snowdonia

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