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Painting the weather by Bob Brandt

Bob advises on how to paint different weather conditions.

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How to paint a blustery summer sky in oils with Alan Bickley

Alan shows how to paint scudding clouds in a summer sky.

A practical approach to outdoor painting by Carel Weight, R.B.A.

The subject; sketching; tinted ground; total effect

David Curtis paints a portrait of The Artist editor, Sally Bulgin

David Curtis invited Sally Bulgin, editor of The Artist, to sit for him for his Patchings festival demonstration. Here he recounts how he captured the first likeness in his short session in front of an audience and cameras, followed by…

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Paint the Japanese bridge at Patchings Art Centre with Alan Bickley

Enjoy part of the stunning Patchings Art Centre grounds virtually as Alan Bickley shares a step-by-step demonstration.

Paint groups of people in oil with Rob Wareing

Rob Wareing paints a musical trio in oil paint. Demonstrating how to capture people in group situations in your paintings.

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