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KB blue eyes
How to paint eyes

Kathy Barker takes an in-depth look at eyes, showing you how to capture expressions and emotions

TP finished
A Menorcan landscape – demonstration in oils with Tony Paul

Tony Paul uses water-soluble oil paints for this simple Menorcan scene

How to paint birds in flight

Becky Thorley-Fox advises on strategies for capturing birds in the air and feeding in groups and demonstrates a painting of geese against an autumn sunrise.

Colour sketches for oil paintings with Nick Schlee

To overcome the inherent problems of oil painting on the spot Nick Schlee makes coloured pencil and wax crayon sketches to work into larger oil paintings at home.

Discover the new Winsor & Newton Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colour with Jenny Aitken

Jenny Aitken puts the new Winsor & Newton Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colour to the test. Her conclusion? She can’t tell the difference – the colours are just as vibrant and buttery as those of the cadmium versions she’s used.

From plein air sketch to studio painting with Alan Bickley

Alan shows how to scale up your plein air work to produce a larger studio painting.

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