Lydia Bauman never felt satisfied with the traditional media of oil, acrylic and watercolour, and her work includes a wide range of unconventional materials and mixed-media techniques.

Follow her ideas and suggestions for mixing up your media and follow her demonstration to paint a view of Mount Fuji.


  • Do not use a mixed-media technique on unstable supports such as paper, card or canvas; a 0.6cm MDF panel works best.
  • Do prime the panel: one layer on the painting side, two on the reverse, as well as sides.
  • Beeswax works much better than candlewax, especially when mixed with a small quantity of turpentine.
  • When melting wax, do use a double container (the one containing wax should sit in a larger one with water).
  • Do ventilate the room when using resin, or wear a protective mask.
  • Only dry pigments or water-based paints are compatible with plaster powder (filler).
  • All colours will look much paler once the plaster powder is dry, so add more than you think you need for the desired effect.
  • By contrast a layer of resin over a base colour will deepen the colour considerably.
  • Invest in a small hairdryer to use to speed up the drying process, or to soften wax again, to smooth or shape it.
  • Do experiment but not on work-in-progress. Use a spare bit of panel as some unexpected effects are irreversible!



Mount Fuji, mixed media on panel, (122x122cm)

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