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How to make and use your own reed pen with Jason Bowyer

Jason Bowyer shows you how to make and use your own reed pen, and so follow in the footsteps of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, both of whom used the reed pen and enjoyed its expressive mark-making power.

Line and Watercolour Technique by John Butterfield

John Butterfield has developed a technique of using line and watercolour wash to achieve a three-dimensional effect. He explains his method, and how it came about.

How to Paint a Seascape in Acrylic Ink by Podi Lawrence

Podi Lawrence paints a seascape in acrylic ink.

Drawing Porthleven Harbour with Alice Hole

Alice Hole draws a scene at Porthleven Harbour.

How to paint a textured Christmas card with a white tree and snowflakes

How to paint a white tree and snowflakes in acrylic, on a textured background for a personal Christmas card.

Combine Inks and Soft Pastel for Colourful Landscapes with Tim Fisher

In the October issue of Leisure Painter, Tim Fisher shows how to combine inks with soft pastel on different surfaces to create colourful and dramatic landscapes.

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