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Celebrating diversity in the art world

Art has always been a powerful medium for expressing identity and challenging norms. In the vibrancy of the art world, the contributions of LGBTQ+ artists have added diversity, perspective and innovation.

Leaving Base on D Day Norman Wilkinson
Art Techniques of the 1940s: A Journey Through Time

Look back at the art of the 1940s and explore the techniques that defined this era and how they continue to inspire contemporary artists.

Anthony Gross: The Official War Artist Who Captured the Essence of Conflict

Anthony Gross, an accomplished British artist, is widely celebrated for his vivid and compelling depictions of World War II.

gunnera by the pond_p1050948
Oil Painting in the Garden with David Curtis

David Curtis describes how he raced against the light and the heat as made an alla-prima contre-jour oil painting of a picturesque corner of his garden.

What's it like to enter Sky Landscape Artist of the Year?

Read Semi-Finalists 2023 Sky Arts Landscape of the Year’s contestant Anne Byrne’s experience of appearing on the show.

F Cuming Dartmouth The Ferry
Ideas for painting the landscape with Fred Cuming RA

Vivien Donald talks to the Royal Academician Fred Cuming about the way he develops his inspiration in his paintings.

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