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Back to black - how to use charcoal

Charcoal is one of the most subtle and sensitive of all drawing media available for the artist, says Robert Dutton, and a very direct approach can be applied with instant results very quickly. He describes how the subtleties of drawing with…

An introduction to drawing media and techniques

Discover the best media for drawing. Robert Dutton shows how to choose and use different types of drawing media.

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How to paint portraits in charcoal

Charcoal is a beautiful medium and very adaptable for drawing portraits – you can smudge it around or be very precise and detailed, as Kathy Barker demonstrates

The tonal range of charcoal by Linda Birch

Linda Birch reveals why charcoal is invaluable for gaining an understanding of tone.

How to make your own charcoal with Tony Swaby

Tony shares his tried and tested method for making charcoal.

How to Paint Winter Trees in Pastel with Sandra Orme

Follow Sandra Orme and create a scene of winter trees with evocative winter light using charcoal and soft pastels

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