‘Beach huts are playful subjects, redolent of youthful memories and evocative of holiday pleasures,’ says Paul Alcock.

‘I was particularly attracted by the two stripy beach huts in the little grouping of my demonstration painting, Beach Huts in Summer (see demonstration below), which I discovered on a stroll along the beach on a summer’s day.'

Beach Huts, oil on canvas, (40.5x50cm)

'When I have the chance, I like to work from direct observation and many of my paintings include a spell in the great outdoors. On this occasion I spent two afternoons working on location then completed my painting in the studio. I often paint with oils on location, but I was curious to see if acrylics could be used outdoors.

‘My experiment of working outdoors with acrylics was a success. However the sun and wind dried the washes very quickly, probably more so than in the studio, and I would have really struggled if I hadn’t used a stay-wet palette and an atomiser spray to keep the paints workable.'

Beach Huts and Boat, acrylic on canvas, (40x50cm)

‘I thrive on working outdoors and the challenges I encounter help to keep my work fresh. The changing light and weather also suggest further developments within the paintings.

‘When I work in public I always feel more connected with the people and places I’m painting. Whilst on location I chatted with one of the beach hut owners who told me about the different huts I was painting and that his beach hut had been in his family since 1927, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.’

Demonstration: Beach Huts in Summer

Beach Huts in Summer, acrylic, (40.5x51cm)