Collette Hughes tries out Golden Fluid Professional Acrylic.

First impressions

The packaging:

The packaging is simple and unfussy and I like the bottles that the paint comes in.

There is a paper seal underneath the cap which needs removing, this leaves behind a plastic film. I found it less messy to puncture the film rather than try to remove it.

The paints:

The paint is like single cream in consistency. The most noticeable quality is its transparency whilst at the same time having a strong pigment load. Both whites are transparent.

The product is renowned for its lightfastness and archival quality.


I was sent four colours; primary cyan, zinc white, primary magenta and primary yellow. I only used these four colours for my test.

There are 83 colours available in total.


I have previously bought this product and used to glaze over a grisaille done in a heavy bodied acrylic. I find it well suited to that purpose, but for this review I decided to try some gel plate printing.

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I would definitely use this paint again for this method of working as it is perfect for gel printing. It has exactly the right consistency and the translucency of the paint allows you to see the underneath layers and gives added depth.

Price: From £7.44 per colour

Where to buy: Art Supplies with Painters Online


Demonstration: Daisies

Stage one

I cut some stencils from thick paper from my own drawings. I used repositionable glue on the stencils and positioned them on a 14x12 inch gel printing plate.

Stage two

I put a few dots of paint around the gel plate and spread them with a brayer into a thin layer.

I then pressed some leaves into the paint to remove it in parts then I left it to dry.

I added another thin layer of paint, made some more marks in that and let it dry.

Then I picked off the daisy head paper stencil.

Stage three

I put a thin layer of white to completely cover the gel plate and pressed my paper on it.

I rubbed it firmly on the back gave it a few minutes to dry and then lifted it off.

Stage four

Stage five

To finish, I mixed some of the purple mix with white and used to split the daisy into petals and added shadows with the darker purple mix.

About Collette Hughes

My art path started with crafts many years ago, creating digital stamps, digital artworks, cutting files and papers for card makers.

In 2016 I joined the now sadly closed ArtTutor site and made the switch to fine art and wet media.

I have exhibited at the TALP Open exhibitions, SAA and RCA Conwy and have been fortunate enough to win a few awards.

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