The Society of Limners Call for Entries

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The Society of Limners Call for Entries

Call for entries to The Society of Limners Summer Exhibition

The Society of Limners was founded in 1986 by the late Elizabeth Davys Wood MBE to promote and encourage the painting of miniatures to a high standard. There are around one hundred members, mainly UK-based but including some from overseas. Their members include many professional and experienced artists.

A true miniature is not just a small painting; there are rules concerning size and techniques. A miniature painting should not exceed one sixth life-size, and the work should be finely executed with stippling and tiny hatching strokes with great attention to detail. The paint is applied in very fine layers to reflect the light. The Society’s maximum size for a miniature painting is 5 x 7 inches framed, but most are much smaller.

The earliest surviving miniature portraits were done by artists to the Tudor Court and many of the techniques they used are still in use today.

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There are usually around 300 paintings on show at the Summer Exhibitions in Chichester. The pictures cover all subjects and most are for sale. Entrance to our exhibition, held at The Oxmarket Galleries, is free so do come along and see these little gems. This year’s exhibition, 18 to 23 July 2017, is associated with the Festival of Chichester, the main part of which runs from 15 June to 16 July.

This year, to celebrate the Society’s 30th anniversary and to further promote its activities, they are opening the exhibition to non-members who may submit true miniatures or other small paintings (maximum size 8 x 10 inches framed). Details are available from the Society’s Administrator, Richard East - [email protected].

Below is Spinone Showstoppers by Gina Morton RMS SLm HS


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