PaintersOnline Gallery Artists Featured in Leisure Painter this Month

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PaintersOnline Gallery Artists Featured in Leisure Painter this Month

Jane Stroud's selection of work from the PaintersOnline gallery featured in the December issue of Leisure Painter.

This month, contributing editor of Leisure Painter, Jane Stroud, has selected a commissioned family portrait by Paul Porter to feature in the magazine.

The Houstons (see below) was the result of a commission Paul received from a business acquaintance who wanted a portrait of her family as a present to her husband in celebration of his 60th birthday. Paul explains: “The painting was to include portraits of the seven members of the family and was to be a surprise for the husband. Ideally I would have liked to plan and photograph the family group myself, but as this was to be a surprise, this wasn’t possible. Instead, I was given a photograph of the family taken when they were on holiday in Svalbard – a group of islands between Norway and the North Pole. The photograph showed the family in one long line, with the hut looming large in the background, which I thought constricted the space I was able to give the portraits on the canvas. Instead I moved Peter, the father, and his son on the left to just behind his wife and eldest daughter to break up the line and make it more interesting. I also reduced the size of the hut slightly and moved it to the left, allowing room for the sign.”

You can see more of Paul's work in the PaintersOnline gallery by clicking here.

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Click here to purchase the December issue of Leisure Painter to see the photograph used for the commission and to read more from Paul.


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