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Front Covers 2016

We recently asked for your comments on our 2016 front covers as to which were your favourites and why. Here are the comments we liked the most - the writers each receive a subscription to the magazines.

We recently ran a Facebook campaign, asking which were your favourite front covers of 2016 and why.

We were really pleased with the interesting feedback we received. There was no overall favourite cover for either Leisure Painter or The Artist, but lots of reasons as to why so many of them proved popular.

Of the comments received on The Artist covers we selected Melanie Plant who chose March saying, 'Push yourself to the limit ... the picture reminds me of when I was little seeing how far I could swim under water ... art is very similar seeing how far you can push yourself in every picture.'

Jen Doyle picked the November issue of Leisure Painter saying, 'The cover shows just what fantastic skills you can learn through reading about something. Obviously you then have to go and try it out, practice it ... play with it ... turn it into something that is your own. I bought the magazine because I saw all that texture and wanted to know how to bring that to my own watercolours. Now I know, and have a nice pile of failed efforts mixed in with the more successful ones - but that is what the creative journey is all about. Thank you for all the inspiration!'

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Melanie receives an 13-issue subscription to The Artist and Jen a subscription to Leisure Painter.

Thanks to everyone who took part and gave us insights into the covers we produce each month - it's great to know you liked them all!

Read the comments for yourself by clicking here for The Artist and here for Leisure Painter.


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