Discover distance learning with the Open College of the Arts

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Discover distance learning with the Open College of the Arts

Develop your skills, earn a qualification and connect with fellow students, all from the comfort of your home and in your own time!

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Have you ever thought about distance learning?

Distance learning gives you the opportunity to study for a qualification, no matter where you are.

You can study from the comfort of your living room or studio, without the need to travel to a classroom.

Click the button below to see the range of subjects that are available to study.

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Personal experiences of distance learning from fellow artists

Viv King, Emma Wilson and Felicity Talman, who are all studying for a Fine Art degree with the Open College of the Arts (OCA), have shared their personal experiences with us.

Read how they've fitted studying around their busy lives and what they've enjoyed most about studying with OCA. They've also shared some of their fantastic artwork, which you can view below.

Viv King

Open College of the Arts student and artwork

"Being able to study with the OCA has been an exciting, insightful and challenging journey. My day never goes as planned, but then whose does, in these strange times? Studying part time, enables me to fit in my artistic practice around my work and family life. The tutor's wealth of experience, additional tutorials and workshops, have enabled me to develop my ability and confidence. I'm learning at my own pace and devoting the time to my art when I'm able to."

Emma Wilson

Open College of the Arts student and artwork

"I have loved studying for a Fine Art Degree with the OCA. It is a challenging and rigorous degree which I couldn't have studied in any other way due to the demands of children, work and my location deep in the English countryside. I enjoy the flexibility of part-time study and have found the tutors excellent in their support and knowledge."

 Felicity Talman

Open College of the Arts student and artwork

"Since 2019 I have been studying towards a degree in Fine Art with the OCA. Attending a bricks and mortar university was not a viable option for me due to having two young children and the OCA has given me the flexibility and support to gain the degree in my own time. With the support of my tutors and fellow students my artistic practice has developed enormously and my confidence in my work and ability has grown. I find study events and workshops arranged by the OCA a great way of interacting with other students and exposing myself to new ideas and ways of working. Juggling studies with other commitments can be tough at times but support is always there from staff and fellow students. My journey with the OCA has been incredibly rewarding and I look forward to seeing where it takes me!"

The benefits of studying with OCA 

  • The Open College of the Arts offers a range of art degrees from Fine Art to Drawing, all via distance learning.
  • OCA is flexible - each degree is designed to be studied part time so you can fit your studies around your life. 
  • OCA is open access - which means you don't need any prior experience or qualifications to be able to study with them.
  • Connect with students online - OCA is always developing new ways to help students connect with each other through group work and study events.
  • OCA is affordable - All of their degrees are accredited and eligible for student finance. They also offer payment plans for those who are self-funding. 
  • OCA will post your coursework to you - all you need is an internet connection and an address.

Want to learn more about the Open College of the Arts and the courses you could study? Click the button below to visit their website.

Visit the OCA website

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