Happy June for all of you in the world!


Thank you Yoko. You have brightened up my day. Have a lovely June but it is still May you know.😊😊

Lovely painting Yoko, I had to check my calendar also

Yes, thought I’d missed a week somewhere, but it’s coming soon! This is lovely Yoko and has a more abstract look to it which I like.

Lovely and loose as well as being bright and cheery my sort of painting Yoko.

Amazing lightness of the brush.Beautiful watercolor.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. My thought is flying into June in which hopefully there would be a little bit more chance of doing outdoor activities in Scotland.

Really beautiful transparency.

Hang on Studio Wall


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Yoko Archer

My first language is Japanese, my 2nd is my art works and my 3rd is English! I am a self-taught kitchen painter, and feel more exited and happy to express myself by painting and enjoy the way others value me through my art works. Painting might be appreciated as art therapy for me since I jumped…

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