June breeze in Edinburgh


I really like this a lot Yoko. I’m searching for something, which keeps me looking……excellent.

Thank you Fiona, I am also looking into it wondering what it looks like today!

A really expressive abstract Yoko - I really enjoy looking at it.

I love the shapes and the colours, Yoko.

Hang on Studio Wall
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I have been taking a couple online art classes to learn collage mixed medium to expand more open minded approach to what I want to see on the surface. It’s great fun to use all possible materials or tools so that painting brush becomes just one of things.

About the Artist
Yoko Archer

My first language is Japanese, my 2nd is my art works and my 3rd is English! I am a self-taught kitchen painter, and feel more exited and happy to express myself by painting and enjoy the way others value me through my art works. Painting might be appreciated as art therapy for me since I jumped…

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