Oh deer!

Oh deer!

I like this very much. The texture is great. I'm sure you'll do wonders with this medium.

I agree with Avril, lovely eyecatching linecut Christine

Well yes, perhaps more practice is needed; but you can do this sort of thing with linocuts - you have an almost surrealistic image here, with bold colour, and it has impact. It's obvious what it's supposed to be ... but you haven't got the usual hackneyed Christmas image. I think it works perfectly. As Avril says, the texture is great - this wouldn't have been anything like so effective if you'd just had unrelieved block colour, but as it is, it jumps off the page at you. Be proud of it!

I love this charming linocut Christine - it has an appealing and humorous quality adding the merry to the festive message – good luck on your course and please don’t allow any tutor to knock this quality out of your linocuts ;)

Thank you so much Avril, Petra, Robert and Gary for your encouraging comments. Linocut is something I've wanted to try but never had the confidence. I love the linocuts of artists such as Edward Bawden, Robert Tavener and Robert Gillmor but I'm a very very long way from ever producing something anywhere near to theirs! For a first attempt I'm quite pleased and can't wait to learn more techniques in the new year.

This will suit you so well you are so good at design, I see more great things coming!!!!!:)Linda

This is absolutely great - whatever you do don't let the course spoil your superb technique

Thank you Linda and Michael for your lovely comments, I feel very encouraged by them and can't wait to get started in the new year. My family are arriving for Chritmas very soon so I must stop drawing and cutting for the time being and start cleaning and cooking!

This just made me smile, it's really delightful!

Thank you Seok for your encouraging comments on my linocuts. I'm looking forward to attending a one day course in February and will (hopefully!) improve my technique.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have enrolled on a one day linocut course in the new year with a view to moving on to an eight week course. Had a litlle play around myself but obviously more practise needed!

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