Love those colours Christine, the hares are haunting you and lovely are too.

Love hares, Christine, great colours and full of character.

Beautiful work Christine

And it's not even march yet - wish this would happen to me when i play around.

I do like the way that the hares just appeared..magic!

Love the design of this Christine, even if it was unintended.....keeping to mainly one colour enhances the effect.

Thank you very much Carole, Gudrun, Jenny, Dennis, Michael and Louise. My art work seems to be on the back burner at the moment, I'm finding inspiration and motivation has temporarily ( I hope!) deserted me so I really do appreciate your encouraging comments

Thank you Fiona, I usually like to draw out and plan any painting so it was a change for me to just let things happen.

Lovely painting great modern feel to this Christine

Agree with Dennis, a modern feel. Picasso's blue period springs to mind. A lovely enchanting work.

What a fabulous result, Christine! Love the rich, luminous washes and gorgeous palette, as well as the lovely composition, serendipitous though it was.

Thank you Dennis,, Andre and Seok, I really appreciate your comments.

Really nice work Christine, love the way you have pulled out the shapes, nice one.

So good Christine, I love those blues.

I love the way the hares have appeared out of the colours. You said you thought lots of hearts would be appearing on the POL site soon too!

Hang on Studio Wall

Just playing around with watercolour and these hares appeared, then the grasses sprung up!

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