Crossgate, Durham

Crossgate, Durham

Great one Willie terrific results

Looks complicated but you have pulled this on off very well.

Super work, complicated scene but you have simplified it very well.

Nice work Willie, but where are the people? I always prefer figures in town scenes.

Thank you all for your comments. And yes! Derek, you're right of course the scene is a bit dead without figures. My mistake, unfortunately, is to sketch what I see and I think in the 20 minutes or so that I stood there just one student came by. No people -no figures. Ho-hum!

Lovely painting Willie excellent technique

It's not dead Willie, s*i* happens like that. The colours and structures are quite lovely.

Hang on Studio Wall

propped against a wall & sketching on a damp day in Durham. The resulting Watercolour 26cmx18

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