Hushinish, (The B887), Harris

2020-05-03 Hushinish Harris 5

What an idyllic place Willie. Love everything about it and the coziness of the cottage temptingly beckons.

This really does shout Harris Willie....from the ‘main’ road, (Lol) the corrugated Bothy (with its grubby net curtains) and the threatening sky. Like it!

I like the lightening in the distant sky - a really evocative painting Willie.

This really captures the feel of the sea, and the ominous sky adds to the atmosphere of the place. Nicely done, Willie.

Thanks for posting your remarks Carole, Fiona, Chrissie and Seok -glad you noticed the grubby nets F

Hang on Studio Wall

This is based on a photo I took for amusement. The end of this classified road is 50 yds around the corner at the edge of the world as it were and a beautiful place it is too. 12"x10 oil on canvas board.

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