Still Life with Coffee Pot

Still Life with Coffee Pot

I like it Willie! Great coffee pot.


Posted on Sun 25 Mar 16:14:49

Lovely! Especially the silver pot Willie so good.

Silver and glass handled very well Willie.

Highly commendable Willie

Thank you Margaret, Ibolya, Carole, Marjorie, Gudrun and Derek appreciate your commenting.

I’m a big fan of Peploe, and some of my favourite works of his are the silver and glassware paintings. The Lobster ones are brilliant too. You’ve done an excellent job of this Willie, coffee pot especially.

Lovely work Willie, quite accomplished, love the boldness of that coffee pot .

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Acrylic on acrylic paper 8"x6". Inspired by SJ Peploe's still life of the same name and trying to keep it free in a similar way (titter you not!).

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