Inner Farne

Inner Farne

Smashing work Willie, plus the word clagging.

Beautiful Willie tied to the mast top notch

Honesty like that will get you nowhere. Lie! It's a creative act..... Although I'm not sure about the streak of off-white at the top of the cliffs, because I don't know what it represents not having been there, in a small boat or otherwise, the buildings have an almost ghostly look which adds to the considerable impact the piece already offers. I like the darks - too many paintings lack sufficient darks - the variations of blue, on the cliff, in the sky, in the powerful painting of the sea. The painting works, makes a statement, and creates a sense of place.

Thanks Dennis, Derek. Robert the 'white streak' is supposed to represent the traditional white painted boundary wall that surrounds the lighthouse. Thanks for your comments, appreciated..

Gorgeous strong colours Willie in a gorgeous strong painting.

While you are able to produce work like this please do keep clagging away.

I really like this Willie, but... (sorry) in my opinion it would be stronger without the cliff top buildings.

Don't be 'sorry' Frank valid criticism is valuable, Thanks.

I agree about the buildings. But this is a very strong painting really captures that out in it feeling with the rugged sea and rocks. I am a very keen palette knife painter.

I like your use of tone and colour distribution, what I like most is your confident pushing of acrylic to achieve the energy of this painting.

Good composition. I think the building and lighthouse are essential as it gives a sense of place and scale- otherwise it could be anywhere and any size.

Another strong atmospheric painting Willie, well done.

Another great Art Willie.

Posted by Janet Ng on Wed 28 Nov 06:20:21
Hang on Studio Wall

I'd like to be able to say I painted this whilst bouncing about in a small boat off the Northumberland coast but it was actually clagged onto a canvas pad last night with a pallette knife. (acrylic 26cmx23)

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