Doomed, I tell you..!

Doomed, I tell you..!

Recognised him straight away, Jim!

Very good Jim, love dads army. Must have same reference photo as you

Ha ha yes I think you're right Jim! Brilliant.

Could only be Seargent Frazer, brilliant Jim, loved Dad's Army, we really lacking in good old British comedy on telly now. Hate all the new so called comedians. 😀

A character from one of my favourite 'oldie' programmes. Good work, Jim :)

Posted by C Jones on Wed 02 Jan 11:16:50

Great likeness Jim! Love watching this programme and still laugh even though I've seen it many times. Linda is right when she says that we don't have any good comedians nowadays or comedy shows. The old ones are the best!

Excellent Jim. Like the other commentators I loved Dad's Army too, still watch on DVD.

Hang on Studio Wall

thus spake Private Frazer, the eternal optimist. A fun sketch to lighten the gloom of football. )-:

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