Before the fire...

Before the fire...

I like this Jim - lovely colours.

Lovely painting Jim and so sorry to hear about the morons. Unfortunately we have them here too (the Port Hills fire, which destroyed a number of homes as well as regenerating native bush, and cost one of the firefighters his life. No-one ever caught of course).

Thanks Margeret and Sandra. The fires are now in their 15th day of burning, but today we had rain and the are getting them under control. The very thought of it is mind boggling. There are some very sad people about.

Cracking painting Jim, a tragedy.

That’s lovely Jim. Hopefully it will regenerate once you get some decent rain up there. Ditto re the morons, someone should set fire to them!

As Fiona says a cracking painting and what a tragedy. We have fires here all over the island, some deliberate. Yesterday we were almost on fire as two were right under our flat. Tinder dry everywhere now. We're a desert till October.

Very good colours Jim. Idiots on Winter Hill and Saddleworth I believe. Incomprehensible .

Thanks all for the kind words. Still a few areas needing attenion after 16 days, but coming under control now. If anybody is charged with arson they'll just get a tap on the wrist after defence lawyers tell about their under-privelleged little lives that turned them to drink and drugs, but they now want to express their regret and go to college to study law....Yeah....

Hang on Studio Wall

rather glad I did this before the morons tried to wipe out our local moorland. Winter Hill before the recent catastrophe. This is Spittler's Edge with the hill in the background.

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