The Vat....

The Vat....

Well done Jim, you got that three d reflection, love it.

I don't think I could watch a tv show and paint, I'd need to be pausing it all the time. You paint metal really well, Jim.

Love this one Jim. Don't have a TV so didn't watch programme but I love the orange against the blue! will try to download programme and watch it!!

This is better than a lot of those last night Jim, though how you managed to paint while it was on I don't know!!!

Thank you for the positive comments all. I think a few were forgetting the rule about painting what you see and worrying about what they think the judges would see. I just painted a quick overall sketch book impression of what I saw. Not sure what I'd paint if I was doing it in competition but a few seemed to have wrong ideas.

This is spot on Jim, in my opinion.

Well I certainly don’t think the judges would have sent you home Jim. There were some weird and wonderful outcomes.

Nice job Jim. Might see you on there next year....

I prefer yours. Interesting programme. All about the brief.

Hang on Studio Wall

an impression of the huge copper whisky vats that contestants had to paint on the B.B.C Big Paint Challenge last night on T.V. There were some weird and wonderful attempts and I did this while the programme was on. Just an impression of the whole thing rather then the pictorial views on display. (-:

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