Plain Jane

Plain Jane

Maybe it's good that there aren't any true portraits of her or photographs. It allows one to paint her persona that shines through her work. I believe she looked like this Jim. :) You paint so quickly, I can't keep up.

Posted on Sat 24 Mar 19:55:00

Thanks Ibolya. I actually used a ten pound note as a rough reference but tried to make her less doll-like and more worldly. Her health suffered in the last few years of her already short life. A tragic loss and to those folk who think she wrote silly love stories, try again and read her properly. A literary genius and recorder of history as it happened in Regency England.

Good work, Jim. I hadn't realised she'd died so young. It's amazing that she achieved so much in such a short life.

I like this Jim, she looks very intelligent and she means business.

So many great people died so young. Shame! Her place on the ten pound note is well deserved. Maybe those who undermine her feel intimidated and challenged by her.

Posted on Sun 25 Mar 10:25:14

Jim, I so agree with both you and Ibolya. She is my heroine, too, reread her constantly, and this is exactly right!

Lewis, Carole, (oh dear, an unintended pun there!) (-: Ibolya and Thalia....thanks all. "The Complete Works of Jane Austen" I can reach out and touch from where I am sitting right now. Along with The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and The King James version of The Bible, they are my standard and constant reading. I could go on Mastermind on the works of J.A. (-:

Let us know if you go on Mastermind Jim you will have a great audience from here 🤗

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..a one brush, one colour sketch portrait. Jane Austen died at only 41 years of age and there are no photographs or true portraits of her, so artistic licence is allowed a little. A brilliant author, highly intelligent and humorus lady and great storyteller her characters live on safe and well after two hundred years. My literary heroine.

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