Do you think they forgot about us?

Do you think they forgot about us?

I could see this as a Christmas card Jim!

Ah, poor cold birds! I'm glad you didn't forget about them, Jim...!

Great piece Jim. We feed the birds daily and have resident robins in the garden.

Great painting Jim and it would definitely be a good card. I love feeding the birds every morning.

Everyday winter scene, common to so many households, really well painted.

Wonderful painting and as always your titles are so apt. I am sorry for the very bad weather you seem to be having.

A nice painting Jim, reminds me of my mate keeps coming into the garden when I am digging around, he stands right beside my spade awaiting the next juicy insect or worm to appear. I have nicknamed him George, but not sure of sex so he could be a Georgina.

Yes, it certainly would be good as a card.

Hang on Studio Wall

..I didn't, I fed the birds,did you? Watercolour sketch inspired by a very cold day..

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