La Ultima Cena

La Ultima Cena

Excelente Jim.

Posted on Mon 07 Aug 05:58:10

It's great Jim especially no reference, its hard to do anything from your head , well done.

Nice one Jim

You have a head Full of imagery Jim well done

Thanks all. I'm going to do another version as I never did agree with Da Vinci's 13 people in a line at table. It would need to be about thirty feet long. With beards and solemn faces it looks like a Chelsea team photo. Stand by...( -:

I love honk the Jews at the time reclined on cushions rather than at a formal table as we do, so your take is just as relevant as Da Vinci's.

Hang on Studio Wall

...or "The Last Supper". My impressionist version, not copied or referenced, just done spur of moment.

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