Kon Tiki...

Kon Tiki...

I admire your energy Jim. It comes through all your paintings.

Posted on Fri 07 Jul 19:46:26

Shhhsh...Ibolya, gardening awaits....(-:

That made me giggle!

Posted on Fri 07 Jul 20:10:41

I love your technical terms Jim.....splish splash!

This delightful fantasy painting caught my eye straight away. Love it.

Thanks Fiona and Sandra. Splish-splash seemed about right..(-:

Yet again, you've caught the movement - you obviously don't labour long over your paintings or get worried about them: I don't see you timorously contemplating hesitant brush-strokes, for instance. And it does pay off - you have life in many of your paintings, and especially in this one.

This is excellent. Full of flow and movement and I love the colours.

Ha ha, spot on Robert. Your analysis is just right in describing how I paint; quickly and being a firm believer in "He who hesitates is lost". Dithering with lines and curves rarely works. If it goes wrong, so be it. (-: Thanks to Margaret and Gudrun.

Hang on Studio Wall

..pure straight from the tubes fantasy acrylic painting. Part abstract, part splish-splash. Fun to do. Paper size 15 x 11 inches.

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