W.I.P. Complete.

W.I.P. Complete.

Beautiful work Jim, you rendered very well the statues oldness.

Good work, Jim. Interesting to see the stages.

Very nice work Jim, it's very regal.

There are some unusual and interesting works in the gallery at the moment and this is one of them, great work Jim

I think you have chosen the colours well, it's turned out great, 😃

Really strong painting Jim. lovely colour and brushstrokes

Lovely job Jim works great

Great piece of work Jim.

I thought it was King Neptune Jim! Nicely done.

Very striking indeed Jim.

Hang on Studio Wall

12 x 9 inch Watercolour, acrylic white and some experimentation of strange colours. I think that's as far as it need go.The flash has brought the yellow out a little too much. I'll try it in the daylight tomorrow.

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Jim Morris

I've reached 82 years young and love to paint and draw. Watercolours are my preference used also with line and wash. I paint or sketch something most days of whatever takes my fancy. Glad to have found this site. I don't feel I have a set painting style but I tend to go for impressionism rather…

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