First acrylic ever....

First acrylic ever....

Jim, this would have blown my socks off - if I'd been wearing any! Seriously, it's super. The perspective is excellent, you get the feeling of the large hall or an audience watching a spectacle. The world is your lobster now Jim, can't wait to see where it will take you.

Thanks indeed for those ecouraging words Marjorie. I've been nerving myself for a while to go canvas so we'll see where we go....thanks again..(-:

Great stuff Jim I look forward to seeing more of these acrylics

Go for it Jim lovely excellent first

Definitely go for it! This is stunning.

Excellent Jim. An ideal subject to experiment your new toy on.

Great! Full of excitement.

This is great Jim. It brings back memories for me back in the day when me and my friend went to the Nottingham Palais. We all had to go round in one direction, by the time the music changed we'd only done two circuits! It was that busy, and this painting creates just that scene. Well done, something new for 2017 me thinks.

Thanks everybody for the encouragement and great comments. I've changed the pic a bit, because what decent dance hall didn't have a glitter ball. Was there ever a better Saturday night than the Palais? (-:

A splendid result Jim! Acrylics are great and you can use them on any support. Canvas boards are probably the next good step for you, they are cheaper and more forgiving than canvases to practice on. Have fun!

Cracking first attempt Jim! I'm sure we will see more of your excellent scenes in acrylics. Hope so anyway.

Well done for 'having a go' Jim, it's wonderful. Such a great composition, I like the glitter ball!

A very busy painting Jim, certainly well done for your first acrylic painting, wish mine turned out as good

Brings back memories of Hammersmith Palais, you have captured it all,as I remember way back when,like your bold colours.

Hang on Studio Wall
474 views's the absolute truth. I've never used acrylic and only ever painted one small oil on canvas when I was twelve. A friend decided to take up painting, bought a canvas and a box of cheap acrylic paints then changed his mind and gave them to me. They've been stored away for a couple of years un til today. This is 40 x 30 in centimetres or 16 x 12 in inches and I've tried to reproduce " Saturday night at The Palais sort of abstract . Not the best, but may have whetted my appetite to try more....(-:

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