Dramatic skies

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Fabulous atmosphere

I have a couple of those paintings Val- Irene, I really ought to finish! The thing is, will you be in the same place in your mind, as when you started it. That’s where I come unstuck if I don’t finish soon after starting. This reminds me of a mist shrouded castle on the edge of a Loch/Lagoon. It very atmospheric.

Very mystical atmosphere and lovely, harmonious palette Val-Irene.

You are right Fiona if I did something now it would be in a different frame of mind and I would alter the atmosphere. Thank you all for your comments.

Very beautiful Val-Irene.

Really beautiful Val-Irene.

I so admire how you paint like this.

Beautiful colour and atmosphere you should be proud of this Val-Irene.

Like Fiona has said, I’ve been looking at some of mine that are stacked up against the conservatory wall. It’s difficult to know what to do, apart from paint over it totally. But I think this would be shame on this one, it full of atmosphere.

Val, often Artist do paintings they feel are not finished or they can't think what to do next to them. Often parts of the painting really work. I have two large L shaped pieces o mountboard. You can lay these onto a painting making either landscape, portrait or narrow landscape or narrow portrait. It is surprising what is revealed . Goodluck with it Dave.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a painting I never finished a couple of months ago. Just got it out and am pondering.

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