Harry Hill

Harry Hill

You do choose the most difficult medium you can find, don't you? It's a complete sod capturing someone in negative shapes like this; still, I think you've managed it. I did recognize him!

Hi Robert, thanks for your comment, you will have to blame Aaron Krzyzanowski not me as it was Aaaron who inspired me to try this medium. The white shirt made me think it may work this way, oh and of course the large area on the top of Harry's head!

Hang on Studio Wall

I like Alan Titchmarsh for his inherent omniscience, and yet I like Monty Don for his rugged yet sophisticated good looks So who is best? There's only one way to find out! F I G H T !

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James Lazzari

Started off working life as a Photographer, Professional Musician, (Guitarist/Vocals) Electronics background. It was in 2007 that I started learning to paint & draw, I like to try various styles using different mediums, but do like pen & wash as a preference.

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