Nude 1

Nude 1

James this is, if I may say so (and who's going to stop me?) a lot better than some of your other work: now what does this mean? It may be that you're that much more enthusiastic about the subject: and frankly, I could understand that...... or it may be that you've actually used a real picture/object/person to work from, rather than trying to draw from your imagination. Imagination is a great thing, but not enough in itself - the lower legs are a bit off in this, but then I suspect your real interest was slightly higher up..... so a) draw from life or from actual images, and b) take into account the whole structure of the drawing, or just tail it off on the bits that interest you less. Draw from life when you can, in short: and if in doubt about the shape of limbs, take a good look at your own (without drawing hairy, spotty legs on a girl, obviously....).

Good drawing James, you are getting better all the time! As Robert states, just the lower legs need a bit of adjustment.

You've got me banged to rights Robert & thanks for your advice!

It's great you read that you think I'm getting better Carole thanks xx

Good clean confident lines. Well done, James!

Good clean confident lines. Well done, James!

right on Seok , :-)

At least I'm not like many so called artists who keep churning out the same old stuff when they find a winning formulae, my trouble is i haven't found mine yet, (ha ha ) but I'm sure I still would want to try all the styles & techniques before being cast in a never ending soap for the rest of my life? :-)

Only just found this one James - I love it - economy of line etc - totally agree with you about trying to vary your output and not keep churning out the same thing. Nothing wrong with being a formula painter if thats what turns you on (or if you rely on it for a living as many artists do - just look at the contributors to the so called 'fine art' galleries) but it's not for me either!!. I suppose in one way I am a bit formulaic in that I tend to stick to drawing and watercolour but that's as far as it goes - plenty of scope within these confines to experiment with style, subject matter etc. Keep posting!!

James - thanks for your comment on my charcoal drawing - yes I do often use mountboard off cuts - give it a go - waste not want not - and have just done a nude line drawing along similiar lines as yours on an off-cut - works well.

Thanks Michael - just sorted out some off-cuts, and may try out my new dip pen, ink, & nibs

Thanks Michael for the comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Attempt at drawing a nude (from book) A5

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