The Arty Farts 2

The Arty Farts 2

Very clever, James - made me chuckle...

Thanks Jane, Just hope Mr Connolly chuckles along with us ;-)

Very funny addition to your fine gallery, James.

Thanks Mia - loving your work

Wish I'd come up with that line - love it James - now it's my turn to come up with one!!

Great idea, - but I bet Billy Connolly would have charged a lot more than £395 each! lol

Thanks Michael, I did check yours first just in case you had done the line joke before me ;-) Looking forward to yours as always... Debs I was inspired by a visit to The Art Shop & seeing The Big Yin's work...

Good one James, made me laugh.

Thanks Louise & Val ;-)

Just brilliant. You've captured the hilarious side to the 'art world' with your clever cartoon characters. We just have to laugh at this absurd 'art'. Only hope these 'talented' artists can laugh along with us.

I agree Toulla & thanks ....

If thewill the next in the series be a vertical line?re were two horizontal lines would the cost be 500 at £790 each and

Something went wrong with my comment above. It suddenly all jumbled up and then posted itself - probably because it's comment No 13 - but I guess you can understand what I was trying to say.

I think so Michael ;-) || =

Brilliant James.

Thanks very much Fiona ....

Yes James, it's the name that counts! Very funny ;o))

Good one James! Love it!

Well done James! Keep them coming :)

Thanks Carole, Seok, & Sarah trying to dream up some more :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

Just Blame Michael ;-)

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