Sveitarfelagid Vogar, the road to Reykjavik

Sveitarfelagid Vogar, the road to Reykjavik

Looks as though you're finding plenty of inspiration in Iceland Justin. Lovely study with what, three colours?

Golds and blues...that does it for me! Gorgeous picture

It has certainly is a stunning place to visit. I shall probably bore people stiff with endless pictures of Iceland for the next couple of months, I shall return for sure, maybe in the summer next time. But after I save up a small fortune!!! Cass Art were offering a 24 pan pro W&N water colour tin for a bargain £35, and I bought one to take with me, so they are in their somewhere. I carried either an A3 or A4 ring bound sketchbook and cameras everywhere I went, mostly drawing and then adding colour when I got back to the apartment. It quite amused other people in my glacier ice walk group when I got the pad out of my rucksack, and started sketching, for a little bit of 'extreme' plein air. Sky and mountains are Cerulean and Aquamarine blended. I drew building outlines with an ink pen and then used a large Chinese brush to draw the colours. So with my usual careless style I probably pick up two or even three colours at a time. I have several very cheap Chinese brushes that I love to use. I find they make it awkward or difficult to draw or paint, and give a different experience to expensive sable or synthetic brushes.

Great series of sketches Justin, enjoying them all.

Good sketch, Justin.

Hang on Studio Wall

Ink in sketchbook

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