Wood pile and pergola

Wood pile and pergola

Surprised to see these are acrylics Justin you have used then very delicately. Like all the shapes and mark making.

Just lovely, Justin! Love the squiggly mark making and the subtle glazing and the palette. A great success with new paints!

Your write up sounds and feels familiar Justin....lol. This certainly doesn’t look as though you are struggling......full of energy!

Hi Fiona you rumbled me, I had just read yours and just wanted to let you know that I think its fine to make hay while the sun shines. There's so much more stuff to do when the weather is like this.

Have to admit, I’m much more productive on the art front from autumn until spring! Lol. How did your exhibition go Justin? I would have liked to have got down to see it, bet your work looked fabulous hung together.

Having only started at the end if the summer last year this summer was a bit of a surprise in that respect. I have painted and still enjoyed it but nowhere near as much as I was when I started. I have entered a lot of competitions have one in the patching exhibition and bizarrely next Tuesday I am painting at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire as part of a national competition, stuff is happening at a time where I almost “can’t be ars&&” because it’s far too pleasant just doing nothing. Exhibition is doing well I have sold several pictures and have commissions... not enough to quit he day job but enough to pay for new stuff to play with. Setbacks too I put two pictures into the Derbyshire open, both not accepted! But I am from Staffordshire so may have something to do with it. I certainly don’t want to stop but I do want to stop and think a bit so a bit of a relapse is a good thing

Glad the exhibition is going well, it takes time and effort to set up, which at the time you wonder whether it’s worth the bother......if you get sales and commission work it is, congratulations. I’ve done a few but to be honest, even though I’ve always done well, I don’t get excited about doing them. Just by your gallery postings you’ve done a lot of work in that 12months, it’s time you put your feet up, just for a little while. A friend of mine imposes a period of doing nothing, says it makes him come back fresh and keen. Good luck with all your comps Justin......

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on board 30x 40cm, testing out some new paints, sat out in the garden. Its so nice its been hard to find the inclination to paint. If it wasn't for the competitions and the growing number of commissions I might be tempted to sack it until the nights start drawing in again. Sometimes just sitting and 'procrastinating' is the best way to do stuff.

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