Titchy Titian in progress (Bacchus and Ariadne)

Titchy Titian in progress (Bacchus and Ariadne)

So interesting what people choose to do, await the finale.

Waiting for the finale, wonderful use of colour.

Hey that's an impressive piece Justin

I can’t claim ownership in any way and it felt a bit strange at first, but I thought it would keep me busy for a bit. Give me a bit of discipline and maybe teach me a thing or two about colour. I got the idea watching an iPlayer programme about three colours.

This is going to be good!

Really interesting piece, nice drawing skills, and looking forward to seeing the colour options.

Blimey! Brave and will be interesting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board. The real one is 1.9 by 1.7 Metres mine is a mere 50 x 40 cm but I'll use really small brushes.

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