Seaside town

Seaside town

Love the clean lines and wonderful use of space and shapes, Tony. It's a gorgeous piece!

That's just great, Tony. Love the composition in this portrait format.

Doesn't matter where, you nailed it

Really well drawn Tony, I love the pen and washes.

This is really nice. I like the soft pastel colours and the composition, I bet your Granddaughters love it.

I like this style very much Tony

Love the composition and the way you’ve done it. It would lovely hanging on yours granddaughter’s bedroom wall......but you’d have to paint another one to avoid an argument.

Thank you all for your comments. Further to the comment made by Ellen Mooney I actually drew out two more versions of this and the two grand daughters painted their own. Although only 8 and 10 years old I have been encouraging them in their painting for a while now and they are both quite good at painting, and love it when we can sit down together and paint.

I missed this Tony, great shapes.

This is gorgeous Tony. Great style - I think you should do more of these. I bet your granddaughters love painting these, I also sit down with my grandsons doing artwork, it's so satisfying for all concerned and the parents are amazed at what they come up with.

Wow. Really like this, Tony.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and watercolour wash of a small seaside town painted on cold pressed NOT paper and W&N paints. Not my usual style but done to please the two youngest grand daughters.!

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