Flag Irises

Flag Irises

There's a wonderfully clean, precise element to your work, Tony. Another great image.

Your flower paintings are lovely, such detail and the colours are fresh and bright.

Beautiful detail 😃

Love irises .. beautifully painted!

Your attention to detail is superb Tony, a beautiful painting.

So gorgeous Tony, beautifully detailed, just as I like flowers to be. How did you find Anna's course, was it worth joining? I have her book and have painted a number of flowers using her methods.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Hi Margaret, I found Anna Mason's school to be very well run, very friendly and a lot of support given by the other students. There are now a large number of very well done tutorials to choose from and is I think an excellent place to learn a botanical approach to watercolour painting. My only criticism is that Anna tends to leap around a painting doing one particular shade /hue and I prefer to concentrate on one area of the painting at a time.

Wonderful Flowers Tony Anna is certainly a great teacher online, I agree with you about jumping around the painting, I too like to work in small area at a time this is really lovely well done.

A beautiful piece, Tony. You've captured the papery texture of the iris petals superbly.

Absolutely beautiful Tony. I agree I can't seem to dart around like Anna does, but it is amazing how her students are producing such wonderful work with her method.

Love and love, Toni. Soo beautiful.

Sorry Tony", I wron in last post with your name. ;)

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This painting of Flag Irises was painted from a painting by Anna Mason and I had been a member of the Anna Mason online school for about 5months when I painted this. I used Saunders Waterford HP paper and W&N watercolour paints.

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