Eastern Bluebird feeding fledgling

Eastern Bluebird feeding fledgling

Very nicely painted Tony 👍🏻 Lovely detail.

Lovely detail of a spring time feeding of the young. lovely leaves especially the ones with the dark markings this is a sight I see from the window in my Studio corner (dining room LOL) lovely to see your paintings again well done Tony

I love everything about this, Tony! You've captured the eagerness of that baby bird perfectly. Just a lovely painting.

The detail and subject are just gorgeous Tony, the fledgling especially. How long would it take you to complete a painting with this amount of detail?

Most attractive Tony.

This is so gorgeous Tony, I love the detail in your work, you have such a skill. Nice to see your work again.

Thank you all so much for your lovely supportive comments. Fiona, I am not sure exactly how long it took me but I guess probably about 12 hours from start to finish but spread over a few days.

So beautiful Tony, excellent work!

Blimey Tony, that’s dedication. Imagine me spending that much time on one of my toilet blocks....it would look a palace! Well, maybe not! Lol

Thanks Fiona for the comment and for the good laugh.

Hang on Studio Wall

Eastern bluebird in watercolour on Saunders Waterford HP paper with W&N watercolour.

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