Like it very much Thalia - it's a whopper!

Anything above a3 is huge to me Thallia! Like the warm tones here, the rocks look very realistic. I would perhaps emphasise the children more, but perhaps that would distract from the view?

This is a companion piece to your work at the top of the page. Very different in mood, obviously, but there's a connrction. It's unsettling when you feel it hasn't quite " got there" - I share this feeling many times. Looking at it ( and it's not the same on screen re size and impact etc ) I feel that maybe it's not the foreground which is too busy but perhaps if you softened the large rocky expanse at the horizon, it would alter the focus a little. It may be competing a bit with the beautiful foreground.

I agree with Marjorie. I think she is spot on. It would transform your beautiful painting into a fantastic one Thalia. It was the very first thing I thought of when I saw this painting.

I think the colour temperature of the foreground rocks should be cooler which would lead the eye into the distance. Also bring the figures forward. Darken the sky and soften the edges of the distant rock. Lecture over.

I like the foreground - perhaps the distant rock could be lightened.

thank you all so very much! yes, whopper it is, Heather... the painting and I hardly fit in my tiny studio...and that's a huge part of the problem...I can't get far enough away to see it properly! Thank you, Stephen, I think you may be right, it's about them, but not entirely, so I didn't peat deal of emphasis on them! Thanks Dennis [hmmm, warmth!!! 37C again, 90%humidity...!] Indeed Marjorie, I paint this 'lump' of rock so many times. I think I will take your advice and soften it a little...edges are always a problem with me. Thanks Carole and Ronald, I will alter it accordingly and re post again, and hopefully at long last it might be ready for the exhibition...hope it hardens in time, only got 10 days!!! Thanks maureen, point taken on board! If it doesn't work this time it's not for the exhibition!!! Huge thank you everyone for all your support and helpful comments.

Fantastic colours Thalia!

I think it's great, love the colours in those rocks.

Thank you, Margaret and Val, you're very encouraging!

Thalia - this painting exudes warmth and colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

This big [for me!] painting, 36x36ins has been in the making since well before Christmas. Painted over another painting which i wasn't happy with, I'm still not entirely happy with this! I feel the rock pools in the foreground are very busy...but that's how they actually are! Comments gratefully received from all my POL friends!

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