Dawn Spinola Bay

Dawn Spinola Bay

I can sense the sun is about to appear over the horizon. Lovely atmosphere to this, Thalia.

Truly wonderful painting, Thalia. The tones are top drawer, helping in no small way to develop that all important sense of place. It's a super impression. Bri

Lots of interest in this scene Thalia, good range of tones and you have created a pathway through the scene, weaving in and out around the craft.

Really beautiful, Thalia.

Love the colour choices on this Thalia; really eye-catching.

Good impressionistic style, Thalia.

Really like the palette and subject Thalia

I love your palette and your style Thalia!

It looks very cool in this painting Thalia, different from your recent posts of hot orange an blues, it must be really uncomfortable painting, it's been bad enough here, we're just not used to it, hopefully it's going to get cooler for the end of the week 😀

Lovely deep tones here Thalia.

Thank you so very much for your helpful comments, Seth, Brian, Stephen, Sandra, Jim, Cesare, Carole, Satu, Linda and Tessa. I really appreciate the help you all give. I had not really noticed the pathway or the coolness of this till you guys mentioned it! I was trying for three main tones in it, Yes Seth...just hope the sun doesn't get any hotter here! I'm melting in the humid heat this year!

I agree with everyone ref the tones Thalia, it’s a very striking image.

I like the atmosphere of this Thalia, especially the way you have introduced the shimmering of heat. Very clever and a joy to look at.

Lovely tonal work Thalia, l really like the cooler palette.

Love all the colours in this Thalia. Great atmosphere.

Thank you so much everyone for your very helpful comments about my tones. Thanks Margaret, Barry and Dorothy, much appreciate your help.

Hang on Studio Wall

Enjoyed getting the tonal variation looking correct on this. Too hot here really now to paint in oils as I prefer to stand at my easel.

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