On Parade-Nanu says I CAN play

On Parade-Nanu says I CAN play

This is lovely, Thalia. You’ve captured the scene perfectly.

Captures the moment nicely

Just grand, and bathed in sunlight. Lovely work, Thalia. I remember some of the festivals.

Superb stuff Thalia , very expressive people. Wonderful sun bleached watercolour quintessence. I wish I could do this. Thanks for sharing.

Spontaneity often produces gems , if we are lucky- and skilful! This is one such little gem- tenderly done.

Thank you very much Seth, Alan, Lewis, David, and Tessa, I have to confess that I finished the initial work later, from my sketch and a photo...parades don't wait for you to finish a whole painting!!!

Super work Thalia. Great spontanaiety and terrific capture of a very human happening. Lovely.

That is so good Thalia, you always manage to capture a scene so well

Lovely work Thalia, tells a story.

Thank you Jim Margaret and Stephen, he was such a sweet little boy with his recorder! So proud of himself when he marched of with his Nanu! The music here is superb! Great tradition and strength!

Spontaneous with excellent figures.

Thank you very much, Richard

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Every village here has its own Festa in summer. There is a tradition of marching bands parading with statues appropriate to the village Festa. I sketched this during one local parade. The father of the child is behind trying to look unconcerned! he'd upset the child with his recorder trying to play along with the band. Nanu [grandpa] is comforting him saying he can indeed play along!!! I really like this picture, the sketch was done very spontaneously and quickly...no time to pre think it!!

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