Red Watering Can and Tomatoes!

Red Watering Can and Tomatoes!

I think this has worked well, Tessa. It is always a pleasant change to see a painting from the, not so, obvious angle. Particularly like the flag stones.

Love this, Tessa, like a private view into your life, intimate, bit like an interior but exterior!

Nice to see a different take in a painting, it's worked really well Tessa.

Nice work Tessa.. from a difficult angle 👍🏻

A composition full of interest Tessa. I do like your painting style.

Thank you so much Jennifer,Margaret and Rachel for your kind comments, glad you liked the odd angle! Also many thanks Thalia, interesting thoughts about the interior/exterior idea! And to Marjorie, glad you like the style. I’m not always that confident about my work/style, but maybe some of it’s improving with practice! Thank you all for looking and commenting. Makes it worthwhile.

Just delightful Tessa.

Lovely view of your garden, great subdued sunlight.

Thanks a lot Sandra and Carole, much appreciated!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted from an upstairs window during the recent cooler weather, so there was no bright sun and thus not much in the way of shadows. I always admire people who manage to find a high vantage point to paint from. This is obviously not that high but it did give a different view. Comments, crits welcome please!

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